【DIY Painted Beads Paint Set】 Glue AB 3D Glue Painting Tools Set Hand Painting Paints

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A whole set Specification: A whole set(with scale)

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It will cure in about 20 hours.
1、Glue ratio: A glue: B glue = 2:1
2、Pigment ratio:5%

3、Fold the cellophane inside the set into the desired shape.

4、Using the plastic cups and scales inside the kit, mix A glue, B glue and paint.

5、Pour the mixed glue into the glass beads. Seal the end.

6、Cut a small slit out of the front of the cellophane with scissors and you are ready to start painting.

Use up the glue as soon as possible within two hours after mixing the color, the glue will become sticky and not easy to operate after a long time.